Rough Top Conveyor Belt

Rough Top Conveyor belting solutions offered comprise two as well as three ply construction choices that also feature cut edges as well as carcass of NN/EP fabric which comes with surface texture that aids in resisting the tendency for material to roll back down the conveyor while at transportation stage. With the top covers made using wear-resistant rubber featuring non-slip surface, these also help in providing –

  • Cushioning effect
  • Mollifying as well as absorbing vibrations and impact received on transported materials
  • Simultaneously also aiding in prevention of slipping
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  • Available with bottom cover/bare back for use in slider bed applications
  • Depending upon transported materials, these can handle transportation at inclination angle of 25 ~ 30
  • Bareback rough top belt allows less possibility of friction thus making these suitable for running over table as well as flat panel
  • Superior finish design of mesh-like pattern on top surface cover that aids in generating relief effect while absorbing any vibrations as well as impact that is exerted on materials which are conveyed
  • Also simultaneously helps in preventing material from slipping


  • Some of the standard applications where these Rough top conveyor belt solutions find usage include:
  • For transportation of light weight goods
  • For transportation of products like sacks, boxes and parcels
  • For transportation on inclined surface at maximum angle of 35 degrees
  • Typical application include for belt flight loaders, lorry loaders and others
  • For transporting light goods having movement in either inclined or horizontal
  • Suitable for transportation of fragile/deformed materials as well as pack goods like papers, bags, glass, boxes as well as cartons to of 35 degrees maximum

Construction & Properties

  • 2 or 3 ply construction
  • Comes with cut edges and carcass of synthetic EP fabric
  • Superior surface texture that resists tendency for material roll back down the conveyor
  • Black top cover recommended for utility type incline service
  • Tan cover suggested for meeting the transportation needs for packaged food products where presence of belts having odorless non toxic finish is required
  • Top cover comprises full 1/8 thick SBR
  • Back of belt protected through durable friction surface bottom or through synthetic bare-back for slider bed applications

Why Our Rough Top Conveyor Belts

  • Helps in creating less friction coefficient
  • Allows perfect running over table & flat panel
  • Presence of special mesh like pattern that aids in generating relief effect
  • Designed to absorb generated process vibrations, thus preventing possibility of material slippage