SuperHeat Resistant Conveyor Belt

Our fire resistant conveyor belts are perfect to prevent fire risks in coal mines and reduce the maintenance of conveyors, which are prone to be damaged by flame at the blast furnaces of iron works. Apart from this, these fire resistant belts also find usage in thermal power plants, mining industry, coal cleaning plants and other industries.

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We are a name to be reckoned with in the sphere of manufacturing and export of fire resistant conveyor belts. It meets the Indian and international standards. Specifically designed these fire resistant conveyor belts possess self-extinguishing design and prevent fire from spreading over the entire belt. In order to ensure the fire retardant properties of these fire resistant belts, we conduct various testing according to ISO standards. These tests include drum friction test, flame test, electrical resistance test etc.



Solutions specifically designed to prevent fire from spreading over entire belt

Belts backed by fire retardant properties

Belts meeting various testing standards according to ISO like flame test, electrical resistance test, drum friction test

Belts perfect for preventing fire risks in coal mines

Belts designed to reduce maintenance requirements of conveyors that are prone to damages by flame at blast furnaces

Belts finding suitability in areas like mining industry, thermal power plants, coal cleaning plants and others